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Flow With The Flow

You are all set up for the day, everything planned and moving smoothly, you start working on the most important project and lo and behold your system crashes…!!! What will be your reaction?

Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon from freesctock[dot]ca, by Nicolas Raymond
Imagine one more scenario, you planned your day very very carefully in a very structured manner and your days sail on smoothly with the plans that you have so carefully made, making you relax and putting you at ease, but what happens when one day, while relaxing in a hot bath or showering merrily the pipe bursts? Or when suddenly you meet an accident? Or someone really needs you in an emergency and you have to rush there leaving everything else. You might feel frustrated, torn down and out-of-control in such situations and at times you might find yourself on the verge of crying.

But you can really change the negative feelings resulting in all things negative to positive feelings resulting in a great time. ‘But how is this ever possible?’ , I find you questioning. This is really possible if you want to make it happen. It’s this simple.

Here are some ways to help you cope with situations where everything seems to fall apart, leaving you out of the flow of the things.

  • Take a deep breath and take some more. When you come across any situation that leaves you frustrated, just focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath for a few minutes (or at least few seconds) and the focus on the situation. Do not panic. Do not react. Yes I said DO NOT REACT. Just focus on what actually happened and analyze the situation CALMLY.
  • Analyze the situation and further steps that need to be taken to tackle the situation in the best possible manner.
  • Realize that you can never ever control everything.
    As much as we would like to have control everything possible, we must realize that we can only control ourselves and that too our emotions and our actions and reactions. All the rest is beyond our control so we must stop to fret over the fact that we can’t control it. Instead learn to live with the fact that you can’t control everything but yourself and work on controlling your actions and reactions.
  • Follow the pace of things and flow with that, dealing with emergencies in a calm manner and then returning to your task. It helps not to think about the ‘what ifs…’. Banish such thoughts.
  • Practice flowing with the things (emergencies) as they come up in a relaxing manner and you’ll be much more relaxed leaving exhaustion and frustration at bay which in turn leaves more energy with you.

So learn , try to practice embracing the things as they come up with a smile on your face and deal with them in a relaxed manner. Remember things do sprout up randomly and you have to manage your reactions and deal with them. Now the choice is yours; whether you make yourself rushed up, exhausted and frustrated or smile and calmly deal with the situation.


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