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Make The Most Of Your Laziness

Curled up in a blanket, with a hot coffee (or if you’re like me a cold cup of coffee.. 😉 ) and your favourite book is a perfect way for me to spend the whole day. With so many tasks and responsibilities pushed to the back, there comes days when I just don’t feel like getting up even, let alone jumping head down into the tasks. The problem arises when I start spending my days (with no end known) in lazing around and the tasks that are to be completed are forgotten or pushed to the back burner till they start a fire. And then one is at a total loss, not knowing where to head and this results in extreme stress and more laziness and the chain continues.

Depiction of a lazy day.
Photo from flickr[dot]com , by Georgie Pauwels
But how can we really STOP ourselves from lazing around so much and getting things done when we don’t feel like it? Like with any problem that arises, there are reasons behind it arousal. Similarly, behind our no-end laziness there are one or more factors. Some of them are below for you to analyze your reason.

Reasons For Laziness

Sleep Factor. The number one culprit behind laziness is our sleep. One is tend to become lazy if his/her sleep disrupts, either we are getting less sleep or more than is healthy for us. Oversleeping and under-sleeping both cause troubles just like being overweight or underweight does. If your body is not getting enough sleep, or if it”s getting more sleep than is necessary for it, consider re-establishing your sleeping routine.

Overwhelm. You tend to procrastinate and laze around once you are exhausted and overwhelmed by the tasks on your list. It seems that all you are made for is completing the monotonous and mundane tasks, some being extremely hard and boring. There is no fun in your life and all that you have to do is to do one task after another till more tasks pop up. There’s no way out so why not laze around? And you seek refuge in lazing around.

Confusion. You laze round and stop yourself from doing any tasks just because you are confused. You don’t know where you should head. Why you actually do what you do?  You are not clear about your intentions.

Diet. No matter how old and cliché it sounds, you are what you eat. Your diet plays a major role in your overall health status. Poor diet leads to health problems which in turn leads to laziness and procrastination because your body doesn’t have enough energy to perform the tasks.

Lifestyle. Running away from exercise, instead of running as exercise leads to laziness. Sitting in front of the idiot box, surfing the web, chatting endlessly, and always remaining either in a sitting or lying manner is bound to make you a serious couch potato.

Avoidance. You may laze around just because you want to laze around. It’s that simple. Your mindset is the real culprit. You don’t want to do this, that or anything just because you have targeted yourself to be rest addict. And only you have the courage to quit this mindset and make your dreams come alive instead of daydreaming and dreaming.

Some Solutions For Making The Most Of Your Laziness

Here are some solutions for you. Not each one might be suited to you. Adopt the ones that suits you and your reason. Tweak some to adjust for yourself and land in an active land.

  • Sleep … to wake up. Set a specific time for going to bed and waking up. Lie down with a book. Relax your mind and body. Get rid of the thoughts ruling your mind. Read it (the book) if you can’t fall asleep immediately. And then wake up at  a specific time, no matter how tired you are feeling or how lovely your bed seems. Beware of those ‘only one and two minutes more phrases’.
  • Refresh yourself. Run, Walk or Move in any way you prefer.  Inculcate some exercise time and connecting with nature in the blissful morning time. Not only will this refresh you, it will help to keep your mode elevated.
  • Balance your diet to balance your tasks.
  • Make a list of intentions. Dump on it the reasons why you are even doing the things that you do. What do you actually think about them? How do they affect you? Now decide and work on what matters and delete the rest.
  • Thought purger. Get hold of paper and pen/pencil or your keyboard and text editor. (Paper and pen works best for me.) Now dump everything and anything that comes to your mind. No matter how random or how stupid or senseless it seems. Don’t worry about grammar or spellings. Just write whatever comes in your mind. Write your thoughts .You’ll feel refresh after such a session. Now move on to the work.
  • Love yourself and your work. Find motivation to do it. Just start it to overcome the inertia and you’ll sail through the rest of the work.
  • Take a quick break and come back to the work. But keep the frequency of breaks short.

2 thoughts on “Make The Most Of Your Laziness

  1. Hey there great website! Does running a blog like this require
    a large amount of work? I hve very little expertise inn programming
    but I had been hoping to start my own blog in the near future.

    Anyhow, should you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please
    share. I know this is off topic but I just wanted to ask.

    Appreciate it!


    1. Thankyou for the appreciation.
      Every task require a certain amount of work. If you are willing you can accomplish a lot and feel great without feeling the pressure of work.
      I will shortly be doing a post covering the tips, so check back soon (you can also subscribe to the blog and receive an email about the post).
      Hope that helps.


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