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Disconnect To Connect

Have you ever felt too connected? Can you imagine life without Internet and cell phones? That seems totally bored and outclass to some of us out there. We all are now a global community and always connected. But this too much connectedness with the outside world has resulted in us getting far away from our souls and people with whom we share the living with.

A display of sun-setting
Photo from flick[dot]com by Andy Hay
Too much connectivity leaves us unconnected with ourselves and at times we feel a lot pressurized by the amount of things we have got to do. There are emails to reply to constantly popping into the inbox, messages that must be replied to, requests that need to be taken care of, blogs and subscriptions to go through and read, magazines and catalogs to go through, from status updates to tweets to profile updates to stalking  , there’s a whole arena of connectivity spun round us. We are so much connected to the outside world that we have forgotten to take out some time for ourselves.

Being connected too much can devoid you of the simple pleasures of life. Just ask yourself, hoe long it has been since you read up an entire novel, cuddled up in your bed or sofa, without being disturbed by the urge to check your phone, your email or your virtual world? Or how long it has been that you savored a warm cup of coffee watching the scenery around you in serenity and calm? It might seem so far away. You might have lost yourself, your thoughts for yourself in the process of keeping yourself updated all the time.

But let’s just STOP … disconnect yourself from your virtual world for a day or at least for some part of a day. I can hear most you thinking ‘It’s impossible,’ But nothing really is impossible. Here are a few suggestions to how you can get to that:

  • Switch off your phone and keep it in a place where you do not have easy access to it (say in a different room), and give full focus to the task at hand till you complete it. Or if that’s too much for you, then till some part of the task at hand is completed. Even if this is a long time for you to part away from your phone, then focus on the task at hand for; say 5 minutes, without going back to your phone. You can use your wrist watch or wall clock to keep track of time.
  • Restrict yourself on checking your emails to only twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening, in this way you can get back and reply to all the urgent emails as well within 24 hours or less even. Whenever you open your account, not only go through the subject lines, but actually make an effort to R-D-R-T-A (read, decide, reply, trash, archive) that email.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes disconnected from the outside world with yourself. Read a book, drink your favorite beverage, knit, sew, or just focus on your thoughts and surroundings for that time. It is preferable if you choose to do this in your garden or someplace where you can have a look of natural view.
  • Play with the kids and be silly with them. Do not check your virtual world during the time you are playing. If you say that you do not have any kids around you to be silly with, be silly yourself. Paint a picture, color a book, and solve a crossword puzzle (on the paper version of books and newspapers.). Do anything except being connected to the world.
  • Manage and cancel your subscriptions. Ok not all the subscriptions but just set a limit for the number of subscriptions you are allowed to subscribe to, let’s say 10 is your limit. Now if you find another really great subscription and you’ve reached your limit of 110, cancel one of the existing ones to make room for the new subscription or hold yourself back from subscribing to it. Now the limit may vary from person to person. But it is not advisable to set a limit of 20 for yourself, just for the sake of accountability, when you don’t have enough time to read and digest the information streaming in from 5 subscriptions you have.
  • Chart your disconnected time and the feelings and positive changes you have noticed within yourself and the ones around you.

So feel free to disconnect in order to stay connected with yourself to be a better you for the connected world. Happy experience of disconnecting. 


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