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Do You Really Breathe?

Do you really breathe?

You might think I have gone insane, asking you such a stupid question. But really with all those things racing through your minds, the do-s and the don’ts.. Have you really ever breathed in resilience? Have you given yourself time to breathe in peace? To relieve your tension and all that stress? Have you taken into consideration the breaths that you do take?
the answer might be a big NO .. So NOW give yourself some time to just relax and breathe in peace. It can help you in many ways.

I can hear some of you thinking ‘But what about the endless tasks that I have up my sleeves..?’ Just push these kind of thoughts aside and treat yourself to peaceful deep-breathing. All the tasks will be done in a much better way.


Ever thought how tensed your muscles get when you are stressed? It devoid your body of the necessary amount of oxygen it should get. So breathing in a peaceful way and concentrating on it eases out your muscles ,taking all the tension away with each exhale.


We all are aware that Carbon di oxide is released when we exhale ,and it is a major waste in our system. Breathing relieves 70% of the toxins from our body. Is it not something amazing. So what’s stopping you to give yourself time for some real breaths?


While breathing oxygen gets in your body and carbon-di-oxide is excreted.This purifies your blood and enhances your immune system, which helps you fight against the common ailments and sometimes relatively big diseases.


When we breathe correctly , more oxygen is allowed to enter our body. Our brain, spinal cord and nerves all receive the oxygen which help nourishes your overall health. Healthy mind and body helps the memory and learning process as well as our performance in our daily tasks.


Okay, so being overweight really lowers your confidence and you are unable to munch enough of your favorite chocolate or that chocolate mousse cake with oozing chocolate. And if you are under weight you might want to gain some to look and feel good and strong. Breathing is your ultimate solution. The extra oxygen that you inhale with deep breathing burns that extra fat in case you’re overweight. And in case when you’re under-weight, it (extra oxygen) feeds the tissues and glands.


Deep breathing is found to increase the neurochemicals in brain that elevates your mood and makes you happy.

There are many other benefits of deep breathing. So, take some time for yourself and really breathe, concentrating on your breathing whether you’re tires, tensed, have a lot to do or angry. Breathing helps you everywhere. If the unintentional breathing has the power to keep us alive, the intentional breathing can really prove to be more advantageous for us. So go ahead and start BREATHING… 🙂

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