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We Are Moving!!

We are moving!!

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One Trick That Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

The New Year was just around the corner…. Umm… 3 whole months before!!!

Who doesn’t love fresh beginnings? Whether it’s a new day, a new session at school/ college/ university, a new designation, a new job, a new course or whatever… beginnings refreshes you (kind of). One feels more productive and enthusiastic at the beginning. Beginnings have the power of making it all look so nice and easy.

When you have to begin a day, you plan for it to make the most of it. An ideal day is the one where you get it all done and still have plenty of time for relaxing, recreational activities and just enjoying the life. But usually the day ends up as the one where a moment of silence is one where you just fall upon your bed at 2 am. Period.

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What It Feels Like To Be A Teacher

“Teachers are so lucky na…?”

“They don’t have to spend sleepless nights preparing for the tests.”

“They spend their time getting dressed up and loading us with more and more homework and loads to learn and practice for tests.”

“They enjoy life and don’t let us do so. But why? Are they crazy?”

These and many others are some of the thoughts we have towards our teachers from a very early age.

As we move towards maturity, we do realize that they don’t hold grudges against us neither are they our enemies but still we hook up to the fact that they just don’t understand how difficult it is to be a student! Or they have forgotten!!

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Year In Review – 2016

Each year brings a fresh new slate for you to work on.

A book of 365 pages is given to you with fresh crisp pages, nothing written on it. You are now the owner of this diary. Each day is the new beginning. It provides you with multiple choices each day to work over. The power of choice and making your choices profitable for you is in your hands.

Yes! You can make a difference and that too not only in your life but also in the life of millions others. All this can happen once you have clarity and order in your life.

To have clarity and order in your life, you must grow with each passing day, each passing year. To track your progress, you must have goals that you have carefully planned to achievement. Planning and then taking practical steps to achievement.

Without practical steps and analysis of your progress you cannot grow. You will have no idea where you were standing, how much you have improved and how much more you have to work for in the particular area.

You will be clueless about the path you have taken. You won’t be able to know whether you are on the right track or need to change your ways. Continue reading “Year In Review – 2016”

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Bring Back Tabs In Your Chrome Application

I sent my cell phone for some repair. It was repaired and working fine. The settings have been changed a bit as the software had been upgraded. But lo and behold! the Chrome application has its tab vanished.

I can’t see my tabs. I would open a tab and the previous one would be gone. I was unable to switch between tabs.

Then I found that due to the upgrade tabs could not be switched from within the application but could be navigated between like you navigate between open apps. (But pressing and holding the little square below in the navigation area).

This was very unwelcome. I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to make this shift. I want my old way of navigating between the tabs. And I found a way to do that.

Below I have compiled a step by step process, with pictures to help you bring back your tabs.

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Transform in 2017

Want to transform your life in 2017?

I have created a group on Facebook where you can add members, share your resolutions and goals for 2017.

You can post your daily, weekly or monthly progress to stay accountable to others having the same goals and following the same journey.

Hold others and yourself accountable in a friendly manner.

Have fun.

Accomplish your goals for 2017.

Steps To Success

1. Join the group

transform in 2017
2. Add members
3. Start your transformation journey!

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Exam Preparation Made Easy

Exams are the bane of a student’s life. During exam season you find questioning the person who gave the concept in the first place. Students are full of innovative and creative ideas about examining an individual’s intellect without the exams. Just ask any student during his/ her exam period and you’ll be surprised!

Many researches that are not in favor of exams are remembered with facts and figures by students than the actual material they are required to remember for their exams!

Are exams really so bad? Should they be banned? What other measures shall be implemented? Let’s keep this discussion for a later time and focus on the ‘dreadful’ exams and how to combat them peacefully. (Yes, it’s possible)

Accept The Reality

Accept that no matter how much you hate exams (or that subject or the teacher) you have to appear for your exams and it’s the only way that you are credited for your intelligence (or lack of it). Prepare yourself for giving the exams and performing your best in them. Use positive self-talk. Be realistic and focus on your studies.

Set Up The ‘War’ Zone

Think of them as a war and be prepared to win over the enemy. Prepare a spot in your home, equip it with your study materials and necessary stationary that you will be needing during preparation and get ready to spent most f your day in the war zone. Keep your guides, notes, and other study material in an organized way in the place so you don’t have to waste time looking for a pen or some piece of paper during your devoted study time. Keep water within easy reach and sip on it from time to time to stay hydrated and active. You know we all get sleepy even at the sight of books! Keep snacks within your reach if you prefer munching while studying but don’t spent time munching rather than studying. And choose your snacks wisely.

Dedicate ‘Chunks’ Of Time For Studying

Allocate enough time in your schedule to cover up all the material. You may feel like ‘darya ko koozey me band karna‘ but you have to endure it. If you haven’t prepared the year round (or half-year for mid terms) you have to put in larger amounts of time into your studies to cover up everything. Stay focused and be fully concentrated towards learning and grasping the material instead of cursing and bad-mouthing teachers, books and exams.

Focus On The Hard Topics

Reverse plan and focus first on the difficult subjects so you can cover them with a much-needed relax state of mind. Go for understanding and learning, rather than rattay maring.

Practice Problems & Diagrams

No matter how highly you think of yourself, do practice formulas, problems, equations and diagrams. Sometimes a point gained here and there can be a lifesaver!

Don’t Prepare ‘Importants’ Only

No matter how lucrative it seems, don’t ever fall prey to preparing the ‘importants’ only and leaving the rest to fate. Remember “Allah helps those who help themselves”. So please give ample time to each section and prepare well.

Don’t Fall Victim to Over/ Under Allocation

Some students focus too much of their time and energy on one topic/subject/ area and then haphazardly prepare others. Don’t fall victim to over allocating or under allocating your time and energy. Plan carefully.

Social Media And Tech Will Still Be There

Rid yourself of distractions. Be smart and avoid your smart phone like plaque. Social media will still be there after your exams. Focus on studies rather than socializing, sharing and being tech-savvy.

Eat well & Sleep Well

Eat and sleep well to ensure proper health and active brain. Stay active. This will rid you of ‘boredom’ you fell during exam preparation. But don’t overdo on sleeping and eating. Remember time is precious and eating and sleeping well doesn’t require a lot of time.

Good luck for your exams!


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Workouts I Am Not Really Working Out

They say that to lose weight you have to control your diet and workout.

Exercise and working out gives you a healthy mind-set, toned body, beautiful glow, reverses aging, improves and strengthens memory, etc etc.

In my quest to workout to lose eight I started watching these workouts.

I did followed these once, twice or thrice but ended up flopping on the floor before building my stamina or getting a toned body back.

But I love, love these workouts as they are easy to do (much more easy to watch) and do help if you follow them for at least a week.

In my case I ended up watching these daily as a ritual instead of working out.

I thought I would share them so maybe someone else do workout instead of just watching these workouts.

Workout 1:

It’s a 7 minute workout that targets your abs and aims to get rid of belly fat within 10 days. I didn’t tried for 10 days but I do know it makes you really stretch and bend. Let’s see if someone does and what the results are for them.

Workout 2:

if you want to sweat like crazy this is the workout!!! It aims for  five rounds but I flopped in round one after mountain climbers, while doing bur-pees. So I did 2 rounds of high knees and mountain climbers and I love mountain climbers as long as my hands don’t hurt. Ouch!

Workout 3:

This one’s great if you’re a total beginner. It helped me correct many postures of mine. Remember wrong postures increases damage and decreases efficiency.

Workout 4:

This workout is my favourite nowadays. Really good for lazy butts like me. I am getting lazier day by day. I think I will lose some laziness if I do workout instead of just watching these workouts.


It’s like I am not motivated enough. What about you? How do you motivate yourself to stay fit and to workout? Curious and eager to know, seriously!

Have you tried any of these? Do you follow a workout regimen? What’s that? Share below to motivate others and stay motivated.

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When Laziness Strikes

When laziness strikes and you’re overwhelmed not by work but by your thoughts.

This is my life at the moment.

I don’t know why?

I don’t know what to do?

Or maybe I just don’t have enough courage or willpower to do it?

This post seems to be the rambli9ngs of my mind. It’s a textual doodle.

I have been thinking about weight loss. Losing weight? Tough? Yes.

I tried to go for walks and jogs for like a week. No results? Pain in legs? Stopped!

Achievement = More weight. 😦

My lifestyle drastically changed after marriage. To eating nothing I was binge eating. I had been to the extremes. I was skinny, slim but had no energy and was immune to flu’s and viral infections. I want that body back again but in a healthy way, Moreover, I just can’t curb the hunger now. No matter how much I tried. And I tried this diligently.

Now I eat, I do the household chores and go for walks but still gaining weight. I blamed the medicines , the hormones but not fitting into my favourite clothes and the yucky feeling that I have 24/7 is no longer settling for a sec now. I badly want to lose weight in a healthy way. I started workout. Poof! Can’t do it for 30 mins. I started small. Managed to coax myself to start and DID start. But pain and no result just increased the weight and yucky feeling and now after numerous and uncountable times once again the journey stopped. Came to a halt.

This has given rise to so many other things. I just don’t want to do anything. Getting lazier day by day. Can’t bring myself to do anything. Even reading a book seems such an exhausting task. I will stand in front of mirror and just curse all the bulging fat and then fall back on bed.

I know all this will vanish once I am consistent in weight-loss journey and will shed some pounds. But when will I stick to one workout and actually lose weight and feel good, is some thing I have no clue about!!!

Have you ever been in such a situation? What did you do? How did you just found the right workout? Share you tips and tricks. They might help!